Black History Month 2024

Black History Month 2024 Sales: Celebrating Black Excellence in Grand Style

Every February, people in Canada celebrate Black History Month to honor the legacy of Black people living in Canada and their communities.

The 2024 theme for Black History Month is: “Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build”. This theme highlights the excellence demonstrated by black people in the past, and in that light, the beautiful future ahead for Black people living in the country.

Black History Month: How It Started

The beginning of Black History Month can be traced back to 1926 when  Black historian Carter G. Woodson founded Negro History Week to recognize the achievements made by African Americans.

In 1978, the Ontario Black History Society (OBHS) was established. Its founders, including Dr. Daniel G. Hill and Wilson O. Brooks, presented a petition to the City of Toronto to have February formally proclaimed as Black History Month. In 1979, the first-ever Canadian proclamation was issued by Toronto.

In 1993, the OBHS successfully filed a petition in Ontario to proclaim February as Black History Month. Following that success, Rosemary Sadlier, president of the OBHS, introduced the idea of having Black History Month recognized across Canada to the Honourable Jean Augustine, the first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament.

In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada following a motion introduced by Dr. Augustine. The House of Commons carried the motion unanimously.

In February 2008, Senator Donald Oliver, the first Black man appointed to the Senate, introduced the Motion to Recognize Contributions of Black Canadians and February as Black History Month. It received unanimous approval and was adopted on March 4, 2008. The adoption of this motion completed Canada’s parliamentary position on Black History Month.

Black Excellence: More than a Myth

Black excellence challenges the negative stereotypes and brings the remarkable achievements of Black people across diverse fields to the limelight. By breaking through historical barriers and systemic discrimination, black people are known for their exceptional talent, perseverance, and determination.

In this blog post, we celebrate the reality of Black excellence in line with the Black History Month theme for 2024. By acknowledging these achievements, we will continue to inspire and empower future generations to pursue their passions fearlessly and shatter societal expectations.

Dealing with Negative Stereotypes

Black excellence is a celebration of the extraordinary talents and accomplishments of Black individuals. It emphasizes the remarkable diversity and success of Black people across various sectors.

When we discuss Black excellence, we are not merely referring to a select few prominent figures. Instead, we recognize the countless everyday individuals who are making significant contributions within their communities and on a global scale.

By shedding light on the achievements of Black individuals in areas where they have historically been underrepresented, we challenge limiting expectations and demonstrate that excellence transcends racial boundaries.

Regardless of one's background or appearance, talent and ambition can propel individuals to achieve greatness.

Black History Month and Fashion

History has many important stories. There are so many stories of Black brilliance and excellence!

Fashion, an ever-evolving force, has left an indelible mark on the annals of time. Its purpose, primarily associated with clothing, has undergone tangible transformations over the centuries. Beyond mere adornment, fashion has ignited waves of change, serving as a powerful tool for self-expression and political commentary. Throughout Canadian history—and indeed, global history—fashion has played a pivotal role in shaping our collective narrative.

Gone are the days when fashion was only for covering our bodies and providing warmth. Fashion has now become a means of making a bold statement, reflecting ones values and choosing the lens through which we are seen and perceived.

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These instances exemplify how fashion transcends its utilitarian purpose, becoming an agent of cultural transformation and social change. By examining fashion's historical significance, we gain profound insights into the human experience and the relentless pursuit of progress.

2024 Black History Month: Fashion Discounts

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